The Coke County Appraisal District appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

  • Coke County
  • Blackwell ISD
  • Bronte ISD
  • Robert Lee ISD
  • Water Valley ISD
  • City of Bronte
  • City of Robert Lee
  • Coke County Underground Water Conservation District
  • West Coke County HD
  • East Coke County HD
  • Kickapoo WCID


Tax Rate Information




The duties of the appraisal district include:

Tax rates and ultimately the amount of taxes levied on property are determined by governing bodies of each of the taxing authorities.
Mineral, utility and industrial accounts are appraised for the district by Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas.
Real estate and personal property accounts are appraised locally by the district.

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